Retaining Walls Design, Redlining/As Built Services Calgary


We provide services to prime consultants. We send our most senior engineers to the site. We typically act as a go between between the design team and the construction team. Our usual first step is to conduct a complete review, with the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes, of the design drawings that have been generated and alert the design team of any anomalies. We will typically continue this review process as new drawings are produce.

Each project is unique and will require attention in different ways, our typical site activities are:

  • Maintain constant and open communication with the design team so that the design intent is clearly understood and imparted to the construction team.
  • Chair a weekly coordination meeting between the design team and the construction team.
  • Conduct a constructability review of each element of the project prior to the commencement of construction.
  • Provide immediate response to issues raised by members of the construction team. Often times it will be necessary to consult the design team before a response is provided.
  • Review of contractor’s Quality Assurance Plan
  • Review of Inspection and Testing Procedures
  • Review of work safety plan
  • Daily monitoring of safe working procedures.
  • Daily monitoring of work quality
  • Review of work schedule
  • Review and respond to request for information
  • Review change requests
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